Installation policy

Photomural Murals

Our Photomurals are priced with Installation cost based on the following.

  1. All Purchases MUST be installed by our certified Installer. As such the product will only be handed over to the Installer not the customer
  2. The charge for Installation includes a single visit to your house or establishment per each mural. If you buy three murals, your invoice will state the maximum number of trips needed to complete the installation. Extra visits to your site will attract a transport charge to be negotiated with the Installer directly or through our customer service department. 
  3. We charge a modest fee for pre home inspection. Our certified installer or estimators will visit you house to take the measurement and advice on the wall surface corrections if any. The fee is refunded to customers upon purchase of the product.
  4. Your satisfaction is paramount. Until you are happy with the installation the installer will NOT be paid. Simple. No curve nor bend.


DesignPro has certified installers available to assist customers with installation .However customers are at liberty to use any installer.  At the minimum we insist the Installer use glue preapproved by us to guarantee effective pasting. We stock the glue types directly approved by the manufactures below market prices and employ you speak to our Sales Manager. 

3D Walltiles, WPC Floor Tiles, Millionaire Walls

Product prices include installation. Only certified Installers from DesignPro are allowed to install the product. Customers will not be sold the product without agreeing to use an approved installer.  Kindly ask the sales manager for spraying a different color or shade in the case of the 3D Tiles.  The invoice upon purchase will state the number of trips needed to complete the installation. Additional trips will attract an extra charge for transportation to be negotiated with installer.